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willow candle - home for the holidays, weathered oak, thai basil, sweet tea

willow candle - home for the holidays, weathered oak, thai basil, sweet tea

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wonderful scents in a beautiful wicker container that i have loved for many, many years. i was selling them in my shop all the way back before i closed my storefront in 2009, so a very long time! they all smell amazing and i have never found a container i loved more. i always save the glass and wicker once the candle is all gone, i just put the glass in the freezer for a bit and the last little bit in the bottom pops right out. and then i reuse them for fresh and faux flowers around our home, and then love to gift them to friends with fresh flowers in them, it is the perfect size and makes any flowers look even more beautiful. the candle is 4.5" wide by 4.75" tall, is 12 ounces and will burn for many hours, just make sure you burn each time until the wax melts all the way to the edge, and then before you light it the next time, trim the wick back to about 3/4"so it will not melt too quickly, after many years of burning candles in my shop, i learned how to make them last as long as possible.




THAI BASIL-the bright and earthy fragrance of cedar leaf, mandarin and crushed basil blended with dew kissed tomato vine and orange blossom will remind you of your backyard herb garden.

SWEET TEA-freshly squeezed lemons and mandarin oranges mingle with seeping green accords and sugar dusted sunflower petals.

WEATHERED OAK-take in the smell of a warm stroll through the woods with berberis, orange peel, wild jasmine, water lilies, clove leaf, vanilla and musk.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS-the ripe cranberry inspires this fresh blend of juicy berries and green apple with violet blooms and smooth vanilla spice.

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