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gorgeous faux hydrangea bundle-2 color options

gorgeous faux hydrangea bundle-2 color options

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this is a bundle of 3 stems of hand-crafted hydrangea stems in 2 seasonal colors. each year i try to find the most realistic faux florals, and each year they seem to get just better and better! i love that the colors vary so much between the petals, just like real hydrangeas do!

the bundle comes in 2 different color options

the late season green-blue, which is the bunch that is a bit more muted with more olive green tones.

and the late season blue, which is so many beautiful shades of blue with a creamy white mixed in.

the picture of the 2 bunches laying on the table...the bundle on the left is the green-blue and the bundle on the right is blue, it is a subtle difference, but the green-blue has tones of soft green.

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